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Please take advantage of all the free resources available on this website to aid you as you prepare your home Schooling curriculum – including the following:

NEW Home School Lessons Plans
for Use with the
562 FREE Puzzles with Scriptures

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562 FREE Puzzles with Scriptures

Here are 562 FREE Puzzles with Scriptures from the first Seven Volumes of the Bible Word Search Book Series. These Puzzles with Scriptures can be used and/or copied – free of charge – for your use in HomeSChool teacing. They can also be used for any ministry, Bible Study, Sunday School, Church Bulletins, devotions etc. We only ask that when/if you copy these puzzles that when you copy that you give credit to our webiste (

Combined Indexes
for use with the Puzzles and Scriptures

There are two Indexes the Combined Indexes for the seven volumes of Bible Word Search Books.

  1. Index By Volume – Pages 2 to 15
    Each volume has a Table of Contents with the puzzle numbers.
  2. Combined Index – Sorted By Puzzle Name – Pages 16 to 30
    The combined index is alphabetized by the puzzles name with the volume number and the puzzle number.

How the Indexes Will Help Home School Teachers:

  1. Plan New Lessons
  2. Research Biblical Topics of Interest
  3. Find Ideas (Scriptures) to Teach On

Group Activities
for use with the Puzzles and Scriptures

The Group Activities are designed to assist the Bible Teacher in:

  1. Preparing lessons to teach a group of home schooled students
  2. Encouraging students to read scriptures and discuss collectively
  3. Provide a Bible-centered activity for a class
  4. Encourage participation by all students in a fun, challenging and learning experience
  5. Most of these Group Activities can easily be modified for use as a Lesson Plan for individual home schooled students

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562 Puzzles with Scriptures
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