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Free Resources for HomeSchoolers

G.I.L. Publications has added a new section to our Bible Word Search Puzzles website specifically for Home Schoolers.

Please take advantage of all the free resources available on this website to aid you as you prepare your home Schooling curriculum – including the following:

NEW Free Bible Word Search Puzzles

As we develop new Bible Word Search books, we send some of those puzzles out to our readers. Currently, Volume IX: Christian Hymns is be developed. We send 3 or 4 brand new – never before seen – puzzles out to our readers every month.

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562 Free Puzzles

There are 562 free and printable Bible Word Search Puzzles. They are organized in alphabetical order for your convenience. Anytime you need an activity or a Bible Study lesson – all you have to do is pick a puzzle, click and print. It is that simple.

Teaching Aides

We have also prepared a host of Teaching Aids that can be used for Home Schooling.

The Lesson Plans and Group Activities are primarily for use in Sunday School, Bible Study and more – but they can be adapted for Home School use – especially if you have more than one child being home schooled.