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LARGE PRINT – Mini Puzzles – No. 1

Bible Word Search Puzzles
LARGE PRINT – Mini Puzzles – No. 1

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BWSP Large Print #1
  • 50 ALL NEW Challenging Puzzles with Scriptures
  • 12 words per puzzle puzzle
  • A hidden message in each puzzle
  • Easy to read – large puzzle letters
  • Find the hidden message by circling all of the left-over letters
  • No extra letters, every letter is used
  • New larger book, larger print
  • More Fun! More Challenge!
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Table of Contents

  1. Do Not Sin In Your Anger
  2. The Battle Is The Lord’s
  3. Cain Killed Abel
  4. Clean and Unclean
  5. The Great Commission
  6. Stop Complaining
  7. Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist
  8. And Then the End Will Come
  9. God Equips You For Your Purpose
  10. Without Faith – It Is Impossible to Please God
  11. Faith Without Action is Empty
  12. Faith Is
  13. The Fall of Man
  14. God the Father
  15. In My Father’s House
  16. Forgive Those Who Trespass Against You
  17. Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving
  18. You Were Created In God’s Image
  19. Have an Attitude of Gratitude
  20. Hannah, The Praying Mother of Samuel
  21. What Do You Mean IF?
  22. From Resurrection to Ascension
  23. The Birth of Jesus
  24. Prophecies of Jesus’ Birth
  25. Jesus Foretells Crucifixion/Resurrection
  26. Jesus Is Tempted in the Desert – It Is Written
  27. Jesus Proclaims His Ministry
  28. Jesus’ Parents
  29. God Has a Purpose and a Plan for You
  30. They Discover His Body Is Missing
  31. Joseph the Carpenter
  32. Godlessness in the Last Days
  33. Lois and Eunice
  34. Love Is
  35. Love Like Jesus
  36. The Ministry of Reconciliation
  37. Mothers in Proverbs
  38. Noah Walked With God
  39. Paul’s Labor for the Church
  40. Send the Preacher
  41. What Is Your Purpose – Why Are You Here?
  42. Lord of Sabbath
  43. Taxes for Caesar
  44. In All Things Give Thanks
  45. Jesus Sent Out the Twelve
  46. The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal
  47. Sins of the Wilderness
  48. The Yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees
  49. Turn the Hearts of the Fathers
  50. Pharisees Who Believed

Paperback Book
Regular $5.95
Now Only $5.35
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