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BWS, Vol. VI: Parables

Bible Word Search, Volume VI:
Parables in the Bible

Bible Word Search, Volume VI: Parables in the BibleTable of Contents

1. Why Speak in Parables
2. The Parable of the Sower
3. Wise and Foolish Builders
4. The Mustard Seed
5. The Yeast (Leaven)
6. Hidden Treasure and the Pearl
7. The Fishing Net
8. The Lost Sheep
9. The Unmerciful Servant
10. The Workers in the Vineyard
11. The Two Sons
12. Evil Farmers (Tenants/ Wicked Husbandmen)
13. The Great Banquet (Marriage of the King’s Son)
14. The Ten Virgins
15. Talents (Ten Servants)
16. A Lesson From the Fig Tree
17. The Faithful Servant (Day and Time Unknown)
18. The Good Samaritan
19. The Friend at Night (Teaching on Prayer)
20. The Rich Fool
21. The Barren Fig Tree
22. The Lost Coins (Lost Money)
23. Servants Waiting for Their Lord (Watchfulness)
24. The Prodigal Son
25. The Shrewd Manager (Unjust Steward)
26. The Rich Man and the Beggar Lazarus
27. The Persistent (Importunate) Widow
28. Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Publican)
29. The Weeds (Tares and Wheat)
30. The Growing Seed
31. Lamp On a Stand
32. The Greatest in the Kingdom
33. Brother Sins Against You
34. Serving Others
35. Count the Cost (Cost of Being a Disciple, Building a Tower)
36. Do Not Worry (Bird & Lilies)
37. Treasures in Heaven
38. Two Debtors
39. The Narrow Door
40. Master and Servant
41. The Good Shepherd
42. Salt and Light
43. The Strong Man
44. Return of an Evil Spirit
45. Knowing What To Do (The Defendant)
46. A Tree and Its Fruit
47. The Golden Rule
48. Patch and Wineskins (Fasting)
49. Jesus’ Mother and Brothers
50. The Sheep and Goats (Final Judgment)
51. Humility (How to Be a Guest)
52. Pay Taxes – Give to God What is God’s
53. How Can the Blind Lead the Blind (Judging Others)
54. Children Sitting in the Marketplace
55. What Makes a Person Unclean? (What Defiles a Man?)
56. The Vine and the Branches
57. A House Divided Cannot Stand
58. Discussion About Resurrection
59. The Rich Man
60. Sadness (Grief) Turned To Joy
61. The Hour Has Come (Grain of Wheat)
62. A Discussion About Sabbath (Lord over Sabbath)
63. Man Without a Wedding Garment
64. The Lord’s Message for David Nathan Rebukes David
65. The Potter House
66. Good Figs and Bad Figs
67. Jotham’s Parable, The Trees
68. The Thistle and the Cedar
69. The Song of the Vineyard
70. A Linen Belt (Jeremiah’s Linen Loincloth)
71. Jerusalem is a Useless Vine
72. The Sign of the Cooking Pot
73. Balaam’s Final Parable
74. The Almond Tree and Boiling Pot
75. The Valley of the Dry Bones
76. The River of Healing (Rising Water from the Temple)
77. The Gold Lampstand and the Two Olive Trees
78. A Prophet Condemns Ahab (Wounded Prophet)
79. Parable of Two Eagles and a Vine
80. The Two Covenants (Sarah and Hagar)

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Bible Word Search, Volume VI:
PARABLES in the Bible

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